The Parish of the Magdalen Islands

The parish has co-Incumbents: the Rev. Brian Woods and the Rev.Wilma Woods.

Established in 1850 by the third Anglican Bishop of Quebec, the Right Rev’d George J. Mountain, the Parish of the Magdalen Islands continues to minister to the English-speaking population of this scenic archipelago in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Services are held regularly in each of the parish’s three churches. Sunday school, youth activities, and Bible studies are also a part of the life of the parish. If you’re visiting the islands, please join us for Sunday worship, or simply drop by any time to visit. Services alternate among the three churches, so call the parsonage to find out times and locations for upcoming liturgies: (418) 985-2715.


All Saints Memorial, Entry Island

Completed in 1950, the present church building replaced the first and smaller church built in 1895. The entire building, inside and out, was constructed by residents of Entry Island. As well as being a parish church, All Saints also has the status of “Royal Rifles War Memorial,” in memory of the young men of Entry Island who died as Japanese prisoners of war following the fall of Hong Kong in the Second World War. Among the church’s more notable features is the impressive pulpit, which came to All Saints after the closure of St. Augustine’s Anglican Church in Amherst (Havre-Aubert) at the turn of the last century. The large white cross which stands outside the church was erected in 1988, in memory of Entry Islanders who have perished at sea.


Holy Trinity, Grosse-Île

The present church building was consecrated in 1928, and is the third to have been built in the village of Grosse-Île. The first was constructed in what is known as Grosse-Île North in 1852. It was replaced by a larger building in 1877. In 1923, a strong northeast gale blew the church off its foundations. The following year it was decided to rebuild the church in its somewhat-less-windy present location. The cemetery of the old Grosse-Île North church is still used and maintained. Local residents contributed their time, labour, and materials to build the present church. While the interior has a very traditional feel to it, a more contemporary touch can be found in the stained-glass windows behind the altar. Created in 1986 by artists on Prince Edward Island, they portray Jesus calling the first disciples (Matthew 4:18-22), but with our Lord and the apostles wearing modern Maritime garb against the backdrop of nearby East Cape.


St. Peter’s-by-the-Sea, Old Harry

St. Peter’s-by-the-Sea is the oldest Anglican church on the Magdalen Islands. Completed in 1917, the church was built by local residents with timbers salvaged from a freighter that ran aground two years earlier. The interior of St. Peter’s is a unique mix of traditional and modern elements. Notable contemporary touches are the Trinitarian-themed fresco on the ceiling of the chancel, and the elaborately carved “Doors of Eternity” at the church’s entrance. The church’s bell was donated by a benefactor in England in 1917, at the height of the First World War, and bears the inscription, “Give peace in our time, O Lord.”





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